Welcome to Kitaygorodskaya School!

Our research-educational centre was set up in 1989 and since that time we’ve gained the status of one of the top league language schools in Russia. We have worked with thousands of people who managed not only to learn foreign languages in strikingly short periods of time (1-2 months) without monotony, but also develop their hidden capacities and creative thinking.

What do we offer?

  • Short-term courses of the Russian language which will prove that you CAN speak Russian after 2 months (for different levels: beginners, intermediate and advanced learners)
  • A brief adaptation language course “Survival Russian” with basic information about the Russian history, culture and mentality, communication tips and behavioural features in Russia;
  • Individual classes of the Russian language;

You also might be interested in:

  • Short-term courses of foreign languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish (Chinese and Japanese are coming soon);
  • Various trainings in English: presentations, public speaking, voice trainings, etc;
  • Walks around Moscow with an English-speaking guide.

Why should you choose Kitaygorodskaya School?

Our work is based on Prof. Galina Kitaygorodskaya’s method, which differs greatly from all the existing approaches to foreign language teaching.

The foreign language acquisition pattern in Kitaygorodskaya technology is in a way similar to that of the mother tongue acquired by a child. The learners start their acquaintance with a foreign language NOT with difficult grammar rules, but with real-life communication in the target language, imitating their teacher's speech and perceiving new words and phrases as speech formulas.

In Kitaygorodskaya Method communication is both the aim and the means of the learning process. The language material is presented in the form of an interactive performance specially created by Kitaygorodskaya School teachers.

How do we work?

The students are invited to take part in «acting out» an exciting play written about them and for them and "staged" by their teacher with pedagogical expertise and artistic skills. (All the teaching materials are carefully designed and selected, their contents and format providing long-term memorizing of the language.) The teachers of Kitaygorodskaya School use a wide variety of unique teaching techniques which facilitate memorizing large portions of the language material. These techniques are based on the latest brain research, concerning the concept of multiple intelligence, functioning of the left and right brain and different learning types of students.

Kitaygorodskaya Method course

  • uses an original approach to presentation and practice of the language material;
  • teaches strategies of communication before grammar;
  • encourages speaking from the very first class;
  • helps overcome psychological barriers;
  • develops team building techniques;
  • helps develop memory and imagination;
  • ensures fast and durable memorizing of considerable amounts of language material;
  • teaches the art of communication;
  • stimulates cognitive processes and develops students’ creativity
  • prevents fatigue and monotony in the learning process.

Who is it for?

It is for those who want to start learning the Russian language, to be able to communicate with the Russians and to get an idea of the Russian national traditions and culture.

Our teachers:

Svetlana Titkova, PhD (view CV)

Olga Belyanko ( view CV)

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