Пройдите вступительный тест

Вступительный тест по английскому языку


1. I a student.

2. two brothers.

3. He like me.

4. I’m English. Where from?

5. she go to work every day?

6. There isn’t cheese in the fridge.

7. help me?

8. What do you do? -

9. I to the cinema yesterday.

10. Where a week ago?

11. He speaks English very .

12. London is than New York.

13. a swimming pool in the hotel.

14. Shall we meet Friday?

15. He's got money.

16. I her for five years.

17. I for two hours.

18. I TV last night when my friend called.

19. She liked the film, ?

20. I haven't seen Peter last Christmas.

21. I to the theater last week.

22. The problem discussed yet.

23. I'll tell you everything if you me

24. Jack works to prepare for the exam.

25. I do sports but I don’t any more.

26. I go to China next year.

27. All the news in today’s paper interesting.

28. Have you ever been Spain?

29. I looked at the two books and then chose one.

30. Who a lot of languages?

31. When I arrived at the station, the train .

32. London is famous for history.

33. I don't know here.

34. If I were you, I to the doctor.

35. He gave me advice.

36. two tickets for the theater.

37. What did you ?

38. Would you mind me five dollars?

39. I wonder the book is worth reading.

40. He if they had arrived.

41. I didn't know they .

42. Who was the picture painted ?

43. He a lot of mistakes on his last test.

44. Her perfume smells , doesn’t it?

45. You do it now.

46. If you told me everything now I to help.

47. I went to the doctor and I for an hour.

48. He said he soon.

49. I’ve rung the doorbell but there’s no answer. He sleeping.

50. By next year he all his exams.

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